EAP 1A and 1B

Assessment tasks are on this page.

Formatting Practice August 28, 2015

Formatting and Referencing

(from Key to EAP, p65)

Paraphrasing Activity October 29, 2014

1. Open the document
2. Make a copy and save it to your Google Drive
3. Share it with moc.liamg|paeyawsgnik#moc.liamg|paeyawsgnik
4. Add the link to the wiki by putting the google docs link after the star on the edit page
5. Complete the paraphrasing activities

Library Card Registration

Click on the link and register for a NSW State Library card for the excursion on Thursday

1A- Explaining Graphical Information

Open the slideshow and choose one map, one chart and one process.
Decide what language you will need to describe them, and plan a short presentation for them.

1A Tutorial/ Seminar Links

1B- Slideshow Practice

Effective google searching.

What not to do on powerpoint.

TED Talks

EAP Self-Study Listening

Choose one of the lectures below to watch and answer the attached questions.

TED Talks are short presentations given by experts on a variety of topics.
The main website is at ted.com, and many talks are available on YouTube.

Referencing Game

Referencing Game created by the University of Sydney Library.

Al Jazeera listening

(from Key to EAP, p27)

Research Activity 15 May 2013


BBC 6 minute English 23 May 2013

BBC 6 minute Englishzahid docs.google.com/document/d/1bYwfaYVdWMeLyqbZWcfgvNDcXm1JpB56nC3H2mbYn6k/edit