August 8

Using and punctuating quotations

Copy and paste the following exercise into a Word document.

Answer the questions in the document, then save it and mail it to me ku.oc.liamtoh|68eiramyecal#ereh.


Punctuate the following sentences containing quotations. Add quotation marks, commas and capital letters.


1. Dr. T. Berry Brazelton said the average child today spends more time in front of a TV set than she does studying in school or talking with her parents.

2. as a result he added children often learn more about the world and about values from television than from their families.

3. a majority of child characters on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox programmes tend to engage in anti-social behaviour such as lying or physical aggression reported Damon Ho, president of Parents for Responsible Programming.

4. advice columnist Abigail van Buren wrote in a recent column the television set may provide some people with the only human voice they hear fro days.

5. it provides news and entertainment for millions of people who cannot leave the comfort, privacy and safety of their homes she continued.

6. not everyone can attend college in a traditional way says Greenhills College professor Caroline Gibbs so we televise courses that students can view on TV sets at home.