Death Penalty Reading List

Complete Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 to prepare for your tutorial speaking assessment.

Exercise 1: Death Penalty Reading List

Choose at least two (from different lists) of these readings in addition to the readings you were given by your teacher. Use the questions below to guide your reading and tutorial preparation.

Overview: For and Against


Amnesty International

Religious Views


Exercise 2: Death penalty in your country

Do some research, on English websites or in your own language, on the situation about the death penalty in your country.
Use these questions to guide you.

Facts and statistics

  1. What is the current law in your country for capital punishment?
  2. Who was the most recent execution?
  3. What kind of crimes attract the death penalty?
  4. What methods are used for execution?
  5. How many times per year is it carried out? Can you find annual statistics?
  6. How many people are currently on death row? What were their crimes? How many are women? How many are foreigners?


  1. What famous cases are there?
  2. Are there any aspects of these cases which would support or oppose the death penalty?


  1. Do most people support or oppose capital punishment? Are there any differences based on age, gender, education, religion, etc? Can you find any statistical breakdown?
  2. Is there an abolition movement or spokesperson, such as a politician, celebrity or religious leader? Do they have much popular support?