July 21

EAP Reading Questions


1) What's the topic of the article?
2) What general opinion does the writer of the article have?
3) Is it a positive or negative opinion of the topic?
4) What words or phrases tell you that this is the writer's opinion?
5) What vocabulary do you think is necessary to know for you to better understand this article-

Earth Hour

  1. What is Earth Hour? Where did it start?
  2. Who does the writer think pays more attention to the climate change problem?
  3. The writer says- This is setting the bar about as low as it could go. What does this mean?
  4. Is the writer positive about the future?

3) Look at Google and here.

Intelligent discussion all but extinct

  1. Who is the writer?
  2. What does he think is the main problem with current political talk?
  3. What is wrong with Tony Abbott's understanding of carbon dioxide?
  4. The writer says- Has the word ''because'' fallen out of the political vocabulary? What does this mean?
  5. Why does the writer mention Abraham Lincoln?

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