Reading: Webquest- 2012 Prophecy

Australia Day

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Answer these questions about Australia Day.

  1. What's the date for Australia Day?
  2. What historical event does it commemorate?
  3. Complete these lyrics from the national anthem "Our home is _ _ _ _ - _ _ - _ _ _".
    • What does the first missing word mean?
  4. What's another name that Australia Day is known by?
  5. What special music event is broadcast on the radio every year?
    • Which radio station should you listen to to hear this?

Answer these questions about Australia Day celebrations in Sydney.

  1. What phone number should you call about gaining Australian citizenship?
  2. Where in Sydney can you see people becoming Australian citizens?
  3. Where can you see a circus performance?
    • How much are the most expensive tickets?
    • How much are the cheapest adult tickets?
  4. What is the name for the ferry race?
  5. Which Aborigine clans will be participating in the Farm Cove ceremony?
  6. What are three events you should look up in the sky to see?
  7. From what time will you be able to see tall ships enter Sydney Harbour?
  8. What sort of vehicles can you find in Macquarie and College Streets?
  9. What are four types of music you can listen to in the Rocks?
  10. What time do the fireworks start?
    • What events lead up to the fireworks?
  11. Name a venue suitable for young children.
  12. Where should you go to catch some African music?
  13. Where can you eat a traditional Aussie meat pie?
  14. Who should use the Accessible Viewing Platform to watch the fireworks?
  15. What other Australia Day venue is the Children's Stage next to?
  16. Where can you see famous international music acts perform?
    • Are there any tickets still available for this event?


  1. What will you be doing on Australia Day?
  2. What will your teacher be doing?